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Reel Mobile Photo Booth
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we veto extra paperwork

Whether it's a couple planning their dream wedding a year from now or a PR intern scrambling to find last minute flare for their company retreat, planning events of any size can be tricky. That's why we want to make all of the details around booking the Reel Mobile straightforward and simple so you and your guests can focus on having fun.


It costs $1,000

See... told you it's simple.

What's included?

3 hours of photo booth time!

100 miles round trip

All the props you could ever want, and more

Unlimited photo booth sessions

One stellar photo booth attendant

Digital copies off all of the photos

What's NOT included?

Additional booth time

You might be having so much fun that you want us to stay for four hours. It happens. We'll just charge you an extra $100 per additional hour.


Idle time

We charge $40 for every idling hour the booth is not in use... meaning we'll shut our door to guests during your uncle's long-winded wedding speech.


Added miles

We include 100 miles round trip, but we will charge .50 cents per additional mile. 


Talk to us

Fill out this contact form here and we'll email you back within 48 hours to set up a call. We'll talk about location, date, how many people, special prop requests, etc. 

Get on the books

After our chat we'll send you a contract to sign (We said no extra paperwork but this is actually important). This signed contract means your date is secured!

Drink a beer!

Now you can relax. We'll contact you one week prior to your event to go over any final venue details, make sure we have the contact for the event point person, etc.






How long does it take to set up?

Not long at all! Depending on the location, it will take us about 30 minutes to make sure everything is ready to roll.

When do guests get to see their photos? 

Right away! Two photo strips print right after each photo session. The event host will also receive a Google Drive of all of the photos that were taken so that you can view, share, and download later. 

Can I bring my own props?

Sure! You're welcome to bring your own props. Basic rule of thumb: if a 4 year old can play with it, it's safe for the Reel Mobile.

What if I want to rent the Reel Mobile for less than 3 hours?

Go for it! Just like our props, you're welcome to customize the duration of your booking. We want your and your guests to get the most out of the photo booth, so let us know what you have in mind! Just know that's it's $40/hour after 3 hours.

When will I be billed for my event?

You will be billed for a 25% deposit at the time of signing our contract. The contract and deposit payment will secure your spot on our calendar! We require that you pay the rest prior to us setting up for the event.

How much space does the Reel Mobile need?

Not a lot! The trailer itself is only 10x10'. We ask that you reserve a 20'x10' space just to make sure everyone is comfortable :)

Do I need to provide power?

Yes please! As much as we would love to be completely off the grid, we do need to have a power supply near by. We provide 40-100' extension chords that we can run from an outlet. 

How many people can fit in the Reel Mobile?

Comfortably... 5. Uncomfortably...7.

Now booking for Summer 2024!


Thank you for contacting us! We'll be in touch very soon.

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